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5 Steps On How To Order Custom T-shirts

March 4, 2019

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Here are the 5 steps on how to order custom t-shirts!


If you are reading this blog post, post, then you must be interested in ordering custom screen printing t-shirts! Whether it is for your own business, your organization, the company that you work for, or even your family. Ordering custom t-shirts for the first time can be a scary process if you don’t know what you’re looking for. That is why we are here to help walk you through the process and show you how easy it can be to order your first set of custom shirts from start to finish.


Step 1: Gather all your information


When you first contact a screen printing company here are a few details you would need to have ready in order to make your process fast and easy:


  • How many shirts are you looking into getting?

Many companies will start off by asking you this simple question. This is because each company has certain minimum shirt quantities they have to run to even make a profit. With the amount of time it takes for a production team to set up a screen printing order, only printing 1 or 2 shirts will not make their company any money. Minimums range from 12 to 25, or possibly higher! Here at Impress Ink, our minimum is only 12 shirts to start your screen printing order.


  • What style of the shirt are you looking for?

Choosing which garment to use depends on what you will be using the shirts for. Ask an Impress Ink sales reps for suggestions today!


  1. If you are starting a clothing brand, you may be looking for a softer and more comfortable style of shirt to use to start your brand. Recommended shirt Choosing which garment is best for you depends on what you will be using the shirts for. Ask an Impress Ink sales reps for suggestions today!

    1. Gildan Softstyle T-shirt (G640)

    2. Next Level Apparel T-shirt (3600)

    3. Bella & Canvas T-shirt (3001C)

  2. If you are getting t-shirts for your restaurant employees, then you will want something breathable. Be sure to stay away from 100% cotton garments to avoid overheating on the job. We always recommend 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester blends like:

    1. Gildan Dryblend T-shirt (G800)

    2. JERZEE DRI-POWER Active T-shirt (29M)

    3. Port & Company - Core Blend T-shirt (PC55)

  3. If you are a company or non-profit looking for promotional t-shirts to give away, we have comfortable and durable cost-effective options for you as well:

    1. Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt (G500)

    2. Port & Company Core Cotton T-shirt (PC54)


  • Do you have good artwork already created?

If this is your first time ordering custom t-shirts, then you may not have the artwork already prepared. Don’t stress, there are multiple ways of getting artwork created through Impress Ink. We have a Design Studio feature on our website if you are a bit creative and would like to try designing it yourself, you can try it here. (Insert Link on here)


We have various design idea templates you can use. You can add your own picture and artwork into the studio and design it that way as well. Once you have a design you are happy with, you can submit it for a formal quote.


Impress Ink also has an in-house artwork team dedicated to helping you bring to life the design(s) you’ve been imagining. Our artists have helped our clients with logo creation, graphic design, business card templates, vinyl banners and signs and more!


For companies, small businesses, and restaurants, you should be able to ask your marketing team to send you the Illustrator (ai.) or high-resolution Photoshop (psd.) file of your company’s logo. This type of graphics file is best for screen printing and typically needs little to no alterations.


  • When will you need your t-shirts by?

If you have a specific date you need your t-shirt order by, please make sure to state that in the beginning. This way, we can make sure your order can be completed on time or if you will need to add a rush service to the order for faster completion. Different companies will have different turnaround dates and rush services they can offer to you. Here at Impress Ink, we offer up to a 4 day rush service and standard turnaround time varies, give us a call for our current times!


Step 2: Review your order


Once you have finalized your order, make sure to review all the details on the quote. Use this checklist below to make sure your quote is 100% accurate:


  1. Is the shirt style and color correct to what you are looking for?

  2. Are the sizes inputted in the quote accurate to what you requested?

  3. Are the print colors and locations labeled correctly?

  4. Is it shipping to you or are you picking it up? Is the shipping address correct?

  5. Is the due date set to the time you requested?

  6. All fees associated with your order are clear on your quote.


Be sure to ask if there are any setup fees or other fees associated with your order before moving forward and approving your quote.


Step 3: Make your deposit


Once you have made sure your quote is accurate and correct. The next step is making your deposit which is typically 50% of your total balance due. The rest of the payment must be made upon pick up of your order or before we can ship out an entire order. Here at Impress Ink, we accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks!


Step 4: Approving your proof


After you have made your deposit, you would just have to wait for the formal proof. You should receive your proof within 24 - 48 business hours after your initial payment. Once you receive the proof via email, please look over it carefully before you give them the *Thumbs Up*


Please review it VERY carefully, and ensure each of the following components are correct.

  • The Design

  • Product Color(s)

  • Print Colors (best match, unless you require exact Pantone colors)

  • Dimensions

  • Placement

  • Spelling / Grammar


Sometimes it is helpful to use a ruler and measure one of your own garments to get an idea of how large the design will be embellished.

Keep in mind that once you approve the proof, your designs will be embellished according to all the directions indicated on each proof document.


Before you approve of all of your proofs, make sure to give everything one last check. Go over your invoice online and check for the following:


  • The correct shirt or item is listed in your invoice

  • The correct quantities and size breakdown are indicated

  • The proof matches what is on your invoice

  • You know how big your print is on your items


Once you have double checked everything, you can approve your proof!


Step 5: Receiving your order!


After waiting for so long, you finally receive that call that your order is completed! You chose the option to either have the shirts shipped directly to you or to come in and pick up the order if you are local.


When you come into the store to pick up your order, you usually reference your full name or your order number. Any remaining balance should be paid before leaving the store. Take a peek at your order before heading out and if all looks good then you're on your way out to enjoy your new custom shirts!




Thank you for reading our 5 steps to ordering custom t-shirts blog. We hope you are now more confident in ordering your first set of custom t-shirts. We would love to hear about your experience the first time you order your custom t-shirt order.


What are some things you wished you knew before you ordered that would have totally helped?


If you are ready to start your first order, then visit our “Build a Quote” page HERE and start your process!