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Brand Consulting & Logo Design

Logo Design and Brand Consulting

Our Consulting & Design Team can help your business or organization with any branding needs. From the design of your company logo to fulfilling all your uniforms, staff apparel and marketing materials.

Your Brand Consultant and Logo Design Expert

If you're looking for successful brand consultants who can help you boost your marketing strategy, improve your company's visual identity and design a memorable logo, turn to Impress Ink as your brand consultant and logo design expert.

What Is the Difference Between Brand Design and Logo Design?

Brand design and logo design are not the same. Logo design refers to developing a visual image for your company that you can use in marketing efforts and incorporate into your online presence or other advertising materials. Brand design is a broader task that involves defining a brand for a company, setting branding goals, analyzing marketing trends and generally determining how to present a business to consumers in a way that reaches their reason and emotions. Graphic design is an important part of branding, as is a company's logo.

What Does Brand Consulting Include?

Brand consulting services include a wide range of tasks, such as identifying a target market of potential customers, setting branding goals, developing marketing campaigns and social media campaigns, coming up with storytelling techniques and even determining an effective color palette and graphics. Brand consultants have the marketing expertise to analyze competitors and set your business apart from them by giving you a unique identity that'll appeal to your customers. They can also provide you with plenty of branding strategies and design tips so you can develop your own branding skills.

Brand Consulting at Impress Ink

At Impress Ink, you can connect with a brand consultant and logo design expert who will help you reach your branding goals and recommend promotional products that boost your branding and marketing. We'll offer you a variety of quality services and products to help you keep your company front and center before your current and potential customers. Our products can be easily customized with your logo. You can choose everything from apparel to office supplies to sunglasses, so you're sure to find the right item for your goals. Give us a call to take your branding to the next level.

Getting Started

  • You’ll be paired with an ideal Account Manager & Artist.
  • We’ll meet in person to discuss & brainstorm your new brand.
  • Our Design Team can create a logo or design a brand guideline for your company.
  • Our Consultant can generate a proposal on products that fit your budget & needs.


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