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DTG Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG)

Direct To Garment, or DTG, is a new popular digital printing technology that provides great results for low-runs & intricate multi-color designs. We have an in-house DTG department using the latest Brother GT-X Printer. We have the ability to DTG most High Cotton garments (recommended at least 50% Cotton) and placements on garments.

Perks to Printing DTG

  • Full Color & Photographic Designs
  • Small Runs (Less than 36)
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Canvas & Cotton Tote Bags

Why Use Direct Garment Printing for Your Next Merch Order?

Direct to garment is an excellent method of creating long-lasting prints on any garments and other related accessories, so it’s great for using on merchandise like t-shirts and tote bags. Because it’s a fast and affordable printing method that allows for small runs with little or no minimum, DTG is often used for merch that is printed on demand, sold via ecommerce and drop shipping. 

Garments printed using DTG technology resist fading, too. It doesn’t matter how many times you wash or wear DTG printed clothing, it will still look great.

Benefits of DTG Printing

DTG printing opens up many possibilities and makes it easier to produce quality merchandise in just about any quantity. Some of the benefits of this printing process include:

●    Quicker turnaround times and easy reprints
●    Reduced labor and training requirements
●    Easier set up and smaller space requirements
●    Efficient short runs and one-offs
●    Unlimited color options and design reproduction
●    No hand feel on light color shirts
●    Eco friendly water based inks
●    Oversized printing - up to 16x21
●    Specialty placement 
●    Printing full color on tote bags or other cotton canvas products 

In addition to having full flexibility with design & quantities, our DTG processes are perfectly suited for on-demand, fulfillment and ecommerce applications. 

DTG and Screen Printing

Both DTG and screen printing usually yield quality prints. However, they differ when it comes to cost and method of printing. DTG uses a printer to spray the ink to a given garment while screen printing just layers the ink on top of the fabrics. 

Best results of images with a DTG printer are achieved with 300 dots per inch images. Usually, all scanned images are bitmaps including all images from digital cameras. Some common bitmap formats include the following:

• bmp
• jpg
• tiff
• gif
• png
• psd

DTG printing is especially good for photo t-shirts because of the superior image quality it offers. 

The DTG Printing Process

Direct to garment printing process is a process of printing on textiles using specialized inkjet technology. DTG printers have a platen design to hold the fabric in a fixed position. The printer inks are then jetted or sprayed on the textile by the print head. This digital printing service works best for printing on natural fibers such as cotton and linen.

At Impress Ink, we are proud to be operating several of the latest "next generation" Brother GTX Pro Bulk Digital Printing Machines. These DTG printers are one of the best in the industry using the best textile inks and printheads for the highest quality, resolution, opacity and bright prints. Because the ink cartridges for these printers use less plastic, they are also better for the environment while offering an impressive range of colors.

For seamless printing ideas for your lightweight materials and smaller runs, consider DTG printing. You can rest assured you'll achieve optimum results and rock everything from tote bags to T-shirts. Impress Ink’s DTG printing services let your designs stand out from the crowd.

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