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Merch Store Services

Let Impress Ink Help You Set-Up Your Merch Store

Let Impress Ink help you set up an online merchandise store!

You will be set up with a dedicated team member who will work with you to create the perfect online store. We offer free online merchandise stores to all local business with zero setup fees. Organizations, businesses, schools and student clubs may use the store to raise funds to support and promote their entity.

Once your customer places an order online - we will Print, Fulfill and Ship the order directly to your customer and send you a commission check.

Why Offer Merch and How To Do It Right

We've all been fans at some point, and the right kind of merch has real staying power. For instance, you might still be holding on to that band T-shirt that is now a couple of sizes too small, or an old, chipped mug with your college coffee shop's logo. 

A merch store allows you to stock merch items to keep your fan base happy, and the success of the store depends on whether you do it right. 

A few pointers should help you set up shop and start earning in no time: 

Identify your fan base: It's one thing to gravitate to neon hoodies or T-shirts, but if your fan base prefers high-end goods, you may want to look at different merch items. Identify your fans and their demographics, and design your goods around them. 

Develop your merch: Branded merch goes a long way, whether it's a simple generic pen or a tote bag. The type of merch will depend on which industry you're in; for instance, band merch often includes T-shirts, hoodies, posters, and books. However, you want custom products that you can't simply find at any store. 

Find your price point: When you're choosing what merch to offer your fans, choose the best quality at a good price. You don't want the items to be overly expensive, but you want to offer high-quality products. 

Partner With a Merch Store Provider 

A merch platform provider does all the heavy lifting and sends you a commission check. We take care of the customization , order fulfillment and customer service so you don’t have to! That means you get to generate another revenue stream from high-quality products that help reinforce your brand image and recognition. You can promote your merch store on your website as well as on social media platforms, and we’ll do the rest. 

A merch shop is ideal for building brand loyalty with existing customers as well as getting your name out to potential customers in your target audience. Contact us today to request your own merch shop, choose your products, and get started!

The Process

  • Send a Request for a Merch Store
  • Design a Shirt OR Send Ideas for Our Design Team
  • Mockups Created
  • Design Goes Live Online
  • Start Promoting!

Our Products

  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Hoodies/Fleece
  • Lapel Pins
  • Promo

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